Friday, April 1, 2011

Candy Addict...

I have discovered that I am addicted to candy. I gave it up for Lent. Don't ask me why I thought that would be a good idea. I cannot honestly tell you why I picked candy. For anyone that knows me, I L-I-V-E for Jelly Bean season. Why oh why did I give up candy for Lent? Just think about all of the delicious things that come with Easter - Peeps, Cadbury Eggs, Jelly Beans, Chocolate Bunnies and the list goes on and on.

I first realized I had a candy addiction when I was at work on Ash Wednesday. It was about 9:30 and I was pondering the bag of jelly beans that I had in my desk. Wondering why I didn't think to eat the entire bag on Tuesday before I left for the day. Those delicious, colorful, candy coated morsels of gooeyness were taunting me from the drawer. By lunch time I had promoted the bag to the trash. By snack-thirty I was considering removing the bag from the trash and eating them anyway.

The first day was not even the hardest. Every day, at least three or four times a day, I think about how much I miss candy. Is there a support group for candy-holics? CEA maybe? (Candy Eaters Anonymous).

Since leaving the Catholic church many years ago, I have not observed the Lenten season in any way. This year, my Pastor mentioned that this is not just a Catholic event and that we should dig deep to understand the true meaning of this activity. Jesus gave up his life so that we could have never ending life in Heaven with God. I put that thought in my head every time I am tempted to reach into that candy jar. What is a piece of candy compared to my LIFE after all? Then I feel like a complete schmuck and remove my hand from the candy jar. Why did this year sound like the good year to make this committment? I may never know, but I can tell you next year I will be picking something a little less daunting, like breathing maybe...

My five year old is not quite old enough yet to understand the meaning of Lent yet. I told her to pick one of her favorite things and give it up to show how much she appreciates what Jesus did for her. She picked her Bible. How do you tell her that's not exactly what you meant? I did try to explain that she should pick something that could be considered a vice like TV and I think she thought I was completely out of my mind.

So, this year, hide your candy very carefully on Easter morning because I will be eating every piece I can get my hands on. By 7:00 a.m. I will be in a sugar coma!!


  1. I am stockpiling my Cadbury Eggs for a later time. I have already put on the "Cadbury 5" and then some. Ughhh...why is Easter so close to Bathing Suit Season? Which would Cathy Guisewite choose? I miss Cathy.
    I think your J-Bean is one smart cookie.
    Along those lines, if I had to give up something for Lent it would be the hope that my ex would pay child support on time!
    Good thing I'm Jewish.
    Have a great weekend my favorite Tracy!!!!

  2. Candy????

    Are you mad woman?

    Why not just give up, like your left foot or something?

    I gave up Charlie Sheen, and being a maid to the kids.

    Jesus loves me more for it... I just know it.