Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The adjustor checked out my house yesterday and their estimate came out just shy of $10K. Ouch! Thank God I have insurance. New roof, new fence, lots of painting, etc... I am really ready to get the work started and everything back to normal. The contractor won't be able to start until next week though. We have too much rain in the forecast. BUMMER!

The good news is I am walking the dog every morning and have lost almost 2 lbs. I know that is a small start but I think I am onto something here. I am more alert when I start getting ready for work and it takes less time. I guess I didn't realize I was stumbling around in the shower so much! The dog seems happier too. He has slimmed down a bit and since Charlie has gone to his new home, we have not had any issues with marking. YEA!! I am still sad that Charlie isn't with us anymore, but my stress level has gone W-A-Y down.

Went to the store last night to get my fixins for Easter lunch and WOW has everything been picked through already. Are we buying our Easter Hams right after Christmas now? Sheesh! I did manage to find a nice, 8lb Paula Dean ham and you know that has to be good. I'll bet that pig was raised on butter. LOL!

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  1. Thank God for insurance.

    Almost Hubs is putting in a new lawn. Before that's done I told him to locate and have someone pump the septic. Then we have to buy the "good" dirt. Then the seed, the rental of equiptment...

    Thank God he's paying for this project.

    I was happy with the crab grass. ;)