Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Do you think I am a complete moron...?

I really don't want an answer to that question from my readers, just from my dear, helpful, loving Mother...

Me: Mom, great news, I found a reputable repair company that was referred by the neighbor's realtor as being their company of choice for storm repairs. I checked them out with the BBB and did some homework on them.

Mom: Sounds fishy, I don't trust them. The vultures are out in force already.

Me: Mom, they are A- rated on BBB without any reported issues for the last 3 years, they will work directly with my insurance company to make sure they agree on the severity of the damage. I have also confirmed that 3 other homeowner's on my block are using them.

Mom: If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Me: Are you trying to say you think I am a moron and have no idea what I am doing?

I never ask that last question because is ends with lots of tears and a dissertation about how I am not sensitive enough to her feelings. At 41 years old, I am a single mother of a child that is STILL alive, relatively successful career person and have been a homeowner for 7+ years, I would like to think that qualifies me to judge that I am NOT a moron.

But hey, what do I know? LOL!!

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