Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Third Opinion...

So yesterday, the perfect contract company did a thorough inspection of my home for damage from the storm: Roof is a total loss, damage to siding, window frames, screens and most of my fence. It is going to cost a bunch.

Neighborhood roofer that is employed by the builder who build my house: Replace two roof vents and a few shingles. $145 for labor if I supply the parts. Me, sitting at my desk wondering how two people can come up with such a drastic difference.

I am waiting on my third opinion, which is the one that counts the most as that opinion will be writing my check - the insurance adjuster.

Finally got a call from my local disaster agent who happens to be located in Ohio. I said where? He said O-hi-oooo like I was a moron. I thought a local person was calling me, but no, Ohio called to tell me I would be getting a call from a local guy in 1-2 days. Process, says he; stall tactic says I!!

Oh well, I have gotten over the worst of the frustration at this point and have restored my sense of wellbeing. I now have an understanding that this was a natural disaster, fault of no specific person and completely out of my control. Nobody else is getting helped any faster than I am so no amount of complaining is going to get me any further along.

The best part of all of this is my remaining dog, Peanut, has not marked or peed in the house once during all of this drama. As my fence is down, he has to be locked in the house for 12 hours while I am at work. I don't know about you, but my maximum is about 1 hour awake and 4 hours while sleeping!!


  1. Don't you just love insurance claims? I'm so lucky to have USAA...and that I didn't get hit by this storm.
    Keep your chin up and may you never need flood pants...unless of course you like that look? Peanut does...though she doesn't completely have a lack of style...she did say her hair looked like a "hair-don't" this morning before she brushed it.

  2. I have replaced many a roof (Dad's a contaractor) The materials are cheap... the labor is a whole different story.

    Totally worth every penny to have someone else do it, sadly, I never get that option...

    ...the garage roof is being done this summer.