Monday, April 25, 2011

Jelly bean let down...

I was all psyched out for Sunday morning and the end of Lent so I could eat Jelly Beans until I was sick.

#1 - Mmmm...I missed you my beautiful beans
#2 - Wow, these things are pretty sweet
#3 - Um, I think I must have purchased the extra sugar kind cause these are getting to me already.
#4 - I can't believe I want to stop already...40+ days of no candy and I don't want any more.
#5 - I really have to stop now or I will be sick
#6 - I give, I give, no more, I can't do it, Medic...

Ugh, I had to walk away after just 6 jelly beans. I tried several times later in the day to up the ante, but after each jelly bean, I had to walk away for at least 30 minutes. Today, I have a 95% full bag of jelly beans. Looks like it will take me to next Easter to eat all of those. Good thing I thought ahead and bought two bags. Blech!

Next I went for the miniature Robin's Eggs, my second favorite. I was able to eat two of those. I am ruined...

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  1. I find that when I detox off sugar, I get serious migranes when I do reintroduce it.