Thursday, April 7, 2011

Goodbye Sweet Charlie Boy

Charlie went to his new home last night. The family that adopted him was so appreciative and excited about him joining their family that I really couldn't feel bad as I left him there. They were a family of four with a stay at home Mom, Dad and two boys. Charlie had a new brother named Marley that is a little Maltese. I think that will take some time for him to get used to the constant jumping up and down that Marley does, but he didn't seem phased by it at all.

He stood very still while the youngest boy got down on all fours and hugged him until his eyes were about to pop out. Then stood very still again when the older boy repeated the actions of the younger boy. Mom was saying over and over again how sweet and handsome he is and how she just couldn't believe how lucky they are to have him in their family.

They asked lots of questions about what he likes and what he doesn't like and with so many smiles around the room it was positively glowing in there. I feel in my heart that he has gone to a great home and will probably recieve 10 times more attention and love than he was getting at my house.

Peanut isn't quite sure what's going on but seems to be pretty happy about being the only one there to get the attention. My daughter was with her dad last night so I haven't told her yet. It will go one of two ways. One way will be with much crying about how she didn't get to say goodbye and that she wants him back. The other way will be an immediate request for a white, girl Chihuahua that she can dress up. Damn you Beverly Hills Chihuahua!

She has been asking for a girl dog for at least a year now. I have told no on the basis that two dogs were plenty and that you should never have more pets or children than you have hands. To which she immediately requested a baby sister. YIKES!! It will be interesting to see which route she takes here. I am not sure which one will be worse!


  1. You did the right thing.

    Just don't let her talk you into another baby. :)

  2. At least she didn't ask for the German Shepard on Beverly Hills Chiuaua (I know, my spelling is really off this morning).