Monday, April 11, 2011

Auntie Em, Auntie Em, it's a twister...

Well, not really a twister but 70 to 80 mph winds with large hail will make you take cover in the closet like the end of the world has come. Lost most of my fence to the storm last night. One chunk of it decided it needed to go live with the neighbors so it has moved in over there. The patio table shattered into a gazillion pieces and I spent a good hour combing through the grass trying to find all of the glass. I finally gave up.

As far as the damage goes, we got it pretty light at my house. One of the neighbors got a trampoline driven into their roof and the support poles pierced all of the way down to the floor. I thank God that no one was hurt. I'll bet that was a pretty scary event for them. "Dear, we need to go over to the neighbors and see if they will let us play on their trampoline. Never mind, they brought it to us." Sheesh!

Today I am still pretty much in shock. I had a horrible time getting back to sleep and when I did had bad dreams about my house rolling down the street with us still in it. I know what we went through was so minor compared to what others have suffered but I can't help being shaken up. It doesn't help that the wind is still blowing pretty brisky outside my window.

Someday the insurance company will call me back, all of this will get repaired and it will be like it never happened. Until then, I have a pretty visible reminder of what did happen and I don't like it. Not one little bit.

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  1. I had a small tornado (I forget what they're called) touch down behind my house when I lived in Florida.

    It was enough to make me never want to move to the midwest. :)