Wednesday, August 24, 2011


What would you do if you could fire your family?

Really, I mean give your two week notice and then go apply for a new family. Wouldn't that be cool?

I have a brother that doesn't talk to me, a step-sister that I barely know, an alcoholic Dad with a co-dependent step-mom and a mother that won't STOP talking to me.

The only one I would keep is my daughter, because there is still hope for her...

Maybe I should put them all in a room and lock the door. That way nobody else is exposed to them...


  1. I like my family.

    My extended family... not so much.

    And my future Mother in law... speaks very little english.

    I have it made. :)

  2. My immediate family is nice and normal. I have members of my extended family I would like to fire. Or potentially take to a remote field where they might find themselves the victim of an "accident." But I'll keep my immediate family.

  3. Just think of the "immediate family" you're about to gain! And in a month, you can go back to not dealing with the rest of your family. Tick Tock, soon to be Mrs!

  4. Julianna - just because she doesn't speak much English doesn't mean she isn't saying anything about you. LOL!

    Maxwell - Don't run with scissors or advise anyone else to do so either. Your post here will put you on the FBI radar

    Steph - Yes, it is ticking and rather loudly. LOL!