Monday, August 29, 2011

No Nonsense Nonna...

I can honestly report that Nonna did not do or say anything worthy of writing about over the weekend. Her general attitude of gloom and doom over the upcoming nuptials is still an under laying theme, but her overall behavior has been acceptable.

The daughter absolutely loves school. Her first week of Kindergarten was a huge success and she has learned how to successfully walk on Marshmallow toes. Too cute. Now, if I could convince her that sleeping in her own bed the entire night is something a Kindergartner should do, we will be on the road to success.

Marked off a great number of "To Do" items on the wedding list. We got our rings, picked out some songs to be played at the wedding. That is a lot harder than it sounds. You want something meaningful and romantic, but not sappy. I think we did okay, but I am sure there will be an eye or two that rolls.

We even reclaimed the Dining room from the man boxes. I have high hopes that the garage will come along nicely this week. I may have to fake an emergency where I need access to the sprinkler as an excuse to at least stack the boxes up in an orderly fashion so I can get my car back in the garage. If it hadn't been over 100 degrees for weeks on end, I would be a bit pushier about the boxes, but you can't stay out there for more than 30 minutes without seriously getting dehydrated.

Trying to keep my right ear from exploding for now. My allergies are in full swing and I just can't get that ear unplugged. It is driving me crazy!!

That's all I have to report on the western front....

Oh, wait, one more thing. Evidently the mother of my future step daughter forgot to tell FH that daughter starts soccer practice tomorrow night. Her soccer gear is at our FH will have to drive the gear over to daughter first thing in the morning. DOH! I would say, first practice, don't worry about it, but he wants her to start off on the right foot. Neither the daughter nor her mother seems to have any concern over putting someone else out due to their lack of planning.

What's the old adage...failure to plan on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part!


  1. glad your mother had no nonsence this week, I'm sure she won't disappoint for next week. :)

    Organize the crap, um, er, I mean collectibles... it's the only way. Tony's have taken over the office, which is fine, because I can close the door. :)

    We do occasionally lose the cat in there though...

  2. Sheez our mothers are on the same page. Mine was all doom and gloom too. I want to ring her neck. I'm glad first week of Kindergarten went well. I will tell you how I got past the sleep in your own bed scenario. First there was I'm afraid of the dark. So I bought glow in the dark stars and put them on the ceiling. Then it was there's monsters in my room so we always did a monster and window check. Then it was what if they slip in while I'm sleeping so I bought a Styrofoam bat and told them that monsters are allergic to styrofoam and thus one good whack would make them melt. You just have to be creative and determined. If you don't give in she will learn very quickly. You can do this!!!!

  3. She did very well Saturday night! I will attest to that...though there were moments I wished she smiled more for you.
    And just remember, at least you're not marrying, The P.A.N. and his belongings. I'm still getting over that nightmare!

  4. Your kid is perfectly normal! haha I haven't had one yet that hasn't pulled the I have better things to do than brush my teeth routine.
    No worries. They do grow out of it usually. Especially when they start noticing boys. Then it's a whole different set of problems.