Thursday, August 4, 2011

So Angry I Could Spit...Phtew...

Just got a call from dick head the ex. He has decided he is not going to take the new job he has been offered because that means he would have less time to spend with his daughter. I just about choked on my tongue.

What in the love of Maude do you think you are accomplishing by turning down the only job you have been offered in two years? What could possibly be running through that pea brain of yours?

I told him that he should talk to them first. The original job they offered was changed to another job that had different hours. Tell them about the impact to you and your family. If they tell you they can't accommodate, then politely decline. He wants to tell them to F off because he thinks they are just trying to screw him over. Paranoid much?

The job they are offering is a better job than the original job. I think that's the problem. I think he is worried he won't be able to do the job so instead of even trying, he is going to give up before he starts.

What do I tell my daughter when she asks why her dad has become homeless and can't keep her anymore? That's where he is headed. He scrapes by taking odd jobs from wherever he can get them. He hasn't paid support in 3+ years now. He is setting a horrible example for his daughter and frankly, he is just pissing me off.

I want to get in my car, drive over to his house and punch him in the nose. I won't though. I will sit back and watch him sabotage his sorry life and do nothing. I spent too many years forcing him to be successful. He fought me at every turn. "Honey, they offered me a promotion at work, but I turned it down because that means I will have to work harder". I was almost as mad at that one as I am at this recent turn of events. Maybe because he was still employed at the end of that moronic episode and maybe, just maybe because I am NOT married to him any longer.

I want to go outside my office and yell really bad curse words at the top of my lungs. Wonder if I would get hauled away with a rubber room at the end... :-D


  1. Oh Honey! I was so hoping he'd turn things around. Scream your little head off...and then scream some more...and then be glad you're not married to him anymore.

  2. Mine has been homeless several times.

    He opted to not take them on those occassions, OR he took them to the beach and or playground.

    They never knew. They still don't.

    You can't hide who they are forever, she'll figure it out for herself eventually. But it's hers to figure out. Just don't cover things up for her and it will be fine. :)

    And... make sure she's not within hearing distance when screaming the bad words because then you'll have to explain what an "asshat" is. :)

  3. I think it's really inappropriate to want to punch him in the nose. You should punch him in the junk. I can speak from personal experience that a swift punch to the balls WILL get my attention...