Monday, August 1, 2011

A Cruisin' We Will Go...

I finally booked the cruise for my daughter and I that I wanted to book over two weeks ago. We were waiting to see if the future step-daughter wanted to go with us. That required waiting until her crazy-ass mom was in a good enough mood to ask permission for her to go. After all of that was achieved, she didn't want to go... Really, she said no. I thought for sure she would say yes. It took two phone calls for her to decide. One call to ask her if she was interested to which she said she would have to think about it. Another call for her to say she didn't want to go.

Her dad said that she doesn't do very well out of her comfort zone, but I can't imagine being 10, offered to go on a cruise and turning it down. I guess I am a lot more adventurous that she is. Poor kid... He also said that she was afraid if she went, her mom might think that she liked me better than her. I can only imagine where she got that idea from. I would like to bitch slap her mom, at least once.

The end result was almost $200 more in cost for the same cruise, but I have decided that waiting to ask her was worth $200 in the long run. If I hadn't have asked, she might have felt left out and FH (Future Hubs - Can't take Almost Hubs because Surviving Boys has already claimed that one) definitely thought I was queen of the world for asking. Brownie points work for the ladies too in case you were wondering. I got a foot rub and a back rub out of the deal!!

I am actually relieved for it to be just me and mine. Mine is just as adventurous as, if not more than, me. Her and Nonna were watching Shark Week on TV over the weekend and she was wondering if we could actually go and swim with the sharks while we were there. I gave her a horrified look, quickly regained my composure and told her that she "was too little to swim with sharks. They would think she was just a little niblet-snack and in one gulp she would be gone". She says "maybe when I get bigger, like a two gulp snack or a whole dinner". God I love my kid!! I did agree that maybe someday when she was much, much bigger, we could possibly swim with the sharks. I am seriously hoping she will never hold me to that one because no way in heck am I EVER going swimming with a shark. I have grown very fond of my arms and legs and would really like to keep them.

I did manage to make it through the weekend without killing Nonna even though she practically begged me to do it. Have you decided where the guest book will go yet, what about the gift table? If it were me, I would put them inside the room because you don't want someone stealing your gifts. You really have to watch out as thieves are everywhere. FH, maybe one of YOUR friends can sit at the table and guard the gifts...

Really? Come on, really? As we are not registering anywhere for anything and are telling people to NOT give us gifts, why would we need someone to guard the table, INSIDE of the room? Dear, it isn't YOUR friends I am worried about, I just don't know HIS friends. You never know...

What is she trying to say here? FH would have friends that were less honest and less trustworthy? Sheesh!

Again, she survived the weekend which I guess is a good thing as I am pretty sure they wouldn't let me out of jail so I could leave the country for a weekend!


  1. I'm sorry, all this Nonna Nonesense cracks me up....

    Hey, maybe you could do a post one day a week called Nonna Nonesense...get it out of your system.

    BTW, I do really like your mom. She is always so kind and thoughtful when I see her.

  2. What a great idea!! That way my bloggerhood only has to deal with her craziness once a week. I think Monday's should be Nonna Nonsense day as I usually have spent time with her over the weekend!