Friday, July 29, 2011

The Dress...Take Two...

I know I said I wasn't going to blog again today, but I just had to.

I went with my MOH to go try on the dress that was supposed to be ready today. I even had an appointment. Nobody called me yesterday to confirm so I thought that was a little weird. When I got to the store, the dress hadn't been touched. YIKES!! The tailor wrote 9/27 instead of 7/27 on the tag. It was sitting in the way out range to be altered over a month from now.

A different tailor was there when we came in and she was horrified. Evidently she is the manager of the department. She said she should have noticed that the dress was due after the date of the wedding. Then I was asked to try on the dress to make sure the fitting was correct because she thought the pinning looked a little weird. I put the dress on and it was huge. Somehow in less than a month I have managed to lose 2" on my waist and hips.

When I went to try on dresses the first time, I couldn't get the 14's to zip up and the 16's were a little big, but not too much. I posted earlier about why the dress places would be so cruel to a bride about making the sizes run small (click here to visit that link).

A normal bride would begin crying right about now. A normal bride would wig out, come unglued, go all Bridezilla...but not me.

I calmly asked the tailor if she could get the store manager for me. When the manager came back I explained to her the situation and my concern for taking a dress completely apart and putting it back together. I politely asked if there was any way that I could select another dress. No alterations had been done to the original dress so they could simply put that one back on the shelf, no harm, no foul. She thought about it for a moment and then said "Of course, but it will have to be of equal or greater value as we don't do refunds". No promblemo says I!!

Luckily my MOH happens to also be my boss because it took us an hour and a half to find another dress. I am actually more in love with this dress than I was with the original and the best part of all, it is a size 12. YEA!!! I feel beautiful again...


  1. You're gonna be so pretty!!!!!!

  2. Ooooo... so pretty.

    I've gone psychotic on my dress. It's in pieces all over my kitchen.

    Worst case, I'll pick out a pretty sundress and call it a day.

    (Kidding of course)

  3. Yeah! I'm so excited for you! 2inches huh? That's a big deal! Way to go! You'll be gorgeous either way lady but you'll feel more confident now!

  4. I have the dress at home, hanging up in the guest room and have had to fight myself to keep from going back up there and trying it on 17 times.