Friday, July 8, 2011

The Ring...

I was informed that blogging about receiving a ring and not posting a picture of it was just wrong so here it is.

I am trying very hard not to get frustrated with the people that work at the wedding venue locations. They probably are used to dealing with people that have a year or more on their hands and aren't really too worried about hearing back right away. Not me! I am frantically planning already.

At least I have the venues narrowed down to two choices. One has our date available and the other doesn't. I am waiting to hear back from the one that doesn't to see when they would have a date available so can't make my decision until then. UGH! I hate waiting.

Now it is off to find the dress. David's Bridal is an awesome store and I have helped many brides wade through their offerings. I am breaking convention and doing the first try on alone. I think that may be a better plan for me as I am pretty sure I will be trying on at least 100 dresses. My friends can thank me later. The other reason I am going alone is that I would have to wait until August for everyone to be there to watch this torture and I just don't have that kind of time. Especially if they have to order the dress which can take months to get it in. Crossing my fingers for the perfect dress to magically be at the store and in my size.

I still am trying to figure out why wedding dress makers cut their dresses smaller than the normal sizes. By that I mean a size 10 in normal clothes is a 14 in wedding dresses. Why not go the other way? The bride doesn't want to feel like a cow when she has to select that size of dress. I also want to know why most dresses are styled for women that are size 0. There are more size 16 dresses purchased than size 0, OOPS - that would be size 2 in WD sizes. Why not make them styled to enhance our beautiful curves rather than look like an overstuffed sausage casing?

Oh well, off I go for some torture. Wish me luck!


  1. Hee hee, get used to holding out your hand to show people!

    I was 4 months prego when I got married, as you my dress was WAY larger than it should have been!

  2. I think... we have the same ring!

    Lucky girl!

    How awesome that you found at least one venue that had the date open so close. Good luck with dress shopping. It was the one thing I didn't have to deal with since I made my own. Often times I look at it and think it would have been so much easier to buy. :)

  3. Beautiful ring lady! I hope you find the perfect dress for your perfect day! Don't worry about the size you know they are always jacked up. Just go have some fun.