Friday, July 29, 2011

Did she really just ask me that....?

Today's post will be short and sweet because I believe it merits a life of its own. Not to be shared with any other topics for the day...

Mom: Are you going to bring food containers to take home the leftover food from the reception?
Me: Um..what?!
Mom: I am sure there will be food that doesn't get eaten.

At this point I was sitting at my desk with my mouth open and eyes wide in terror. I can totally visualize my mother cleaning up the buffet before they cart the chafing dishes away and packing all of that food up to take home. For cripes sakes Mother, this is a wedding reception, no doggy bags please!!!

Me: Do you really want the leftovers after everyone has rummaged through them and they have been out for a couple of hours?
Mom: I guess not, I just hate to see food go to waste.

Thank God she didn't push this issue. I sat at my desk chanting to myself over and over again. Oh my, EEEW, oh my, no way did she just ask that. GROSSSSS!! I just couldn't believe she would even ask this question. Why on earth would she think it would be okay to bag up what's left and take it home? Gross! Not only gross, but extremely embarrassing.

I can see the guests now...

Who's that lady over at the buffet line with the trash bags? Isn't that the mother of the bride? Why is she cleaning up, does she work here? Oh no, she doesn't work here, she's saving the leftovers. Oh my... poor girl, I hope she doesn't find out how much her mother just embarrassed her...


  1. I love your mom! She adds so much "flavor" to your life.

    At my wedding the coordinator mentioned that they often bring the leftovers to shelters, etc...and I hate to be presumptuous (sp)but I would think some of the caterers would take leftovers home to family.

  2. My mom and grandparents would totally do that! So funny. Why do older people go nuts like that about food. I can't wait till I'm old. I'm gonna have so much stinking fun.