Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More arbitration at our house...

Her: Mom, five more minutes of TV, PLEASE...
Me: You said that five minutes ago, we are done, turn off the TV
Her: I really mean it this time Mommy. Five more minutes, PLEASE...
Me: You didn't mean it last time, how can I trust...never mind, I refuse to debate this with you. You are five, I am the Mom, my word is law.

Off goes the TV.

Daughter: You are the meanest Mommy ever. All I wanted to do is watch five more minutes of TV and you never let me do anything I want to do.
Me: I let you watch TV in the first place. Shame on me!

At this point the girl starts crying to prove just how serious she is about watching TV. I get some foot stomps, a lot of arguing, some more begging and much more pleading.


I don't budge. This time, I don't reason with her either. Why in the heck would I think an over tired, TV zoned out five year old is capable of reasoning like a grown up? That would be at the suggestion of my mother. "You should reason with her dear. She just wants to be heard. Listen to her side of the argument". Yeah, right...I might as well try to debate with the devil himself.

In the end, she was grounded from TV for an entire day. She asked me why I couldn't just spank her or yell at her some more. Why did I have to ground her from the TV? Ding, ding, ding, ding...because yelling and spanking don't work and the grounding just got your attention. BINGO! I feel like a genius and decide to overlook the fact that I have not thought of trying this before.

This morning, the darling gets up for breakfast.

Her: Mom, will you turn on the TV for me please?
Me: Nope
Her: Why not?
Me: Because you are grounded from TV for an entire day
Her: Why does it have to start so early in the morning?
Me: Because that's when you get up. End of discussion
Her: But...
Me: Wanna lose another day?
Her: Nope...Good morning Mommy, how are you today? You look really pretty today...

It is a damn good thing I am immune to her cuteness!

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  1. Can you come stay at my house for a while and prompt me to be so firm? Bowing down to my friend, Tracy...mommy extraordinaire!