Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Somehow, everything manages to work out for the best.


I told my parents that we are not going to Minnesota in August. It turns out Kindergarten orientation lands on that week so we would have had to cancel the trip anyways. I didn't want to go and now we aren't going and I didn't have to lie to them about why we weren't going. Somehow it all works out...

After this notice, the parents are still coming to the wedding, but are staying at a hotel instead of with us. This was something I was really dreading. Trying to figure out what to do with them while my attentions should be focused elsewhere was worrisome to say the least. Somehow it all works out...

With our week long trip being cancelled, I thought maybe the daughter and I could go somewhere fun for a long weekend, just us girls. This means I don't have to be gone for a week, get to keep more of my vacation days and am probably going on a cruise. Oh yeah, that one definitely works out in my favor.

Yesterday I sent a carefully worded nasty-gram to my Mom about her misdirected concerns and got an apology this morning. Knock me over dead, but this one definitely worked out in my favor.

I still have that knot in the pit of my stomach though. The wedding is getting closer. There are so many things left to do. My fiance has two weeks left to finish cleaning out his apartment and my house is full. Our house I mean... Got to keep reminding myself. Where are we going to put all of that stuff? I hate having boxes all over the place but it is only temporary so I will endure. At least I know that we will both work towards the common goal of putting this stuff away. I think it is time to install some shelving in the attic!!

I did take a load off of myself and assigned him the duty of securing the DJ. Those are expensive by the way...

I am definitely stressing over how much this wedding will end up costing us. I am thinking back to the offer of a quick getaway to Reno and kicking myself for not saying "sure". I will end up with the wedding of my dreams, but we will be paying for it for a nightmarishly long time...

Now, I will sit back and wait for the rest of my worries to work themselves out. I think I had better start playing the Lottory!!


  1. How amazing that all that stuff worked itself out in a matter of days...without your doing anything. And good for you mom for apologizing. That's probably the best treat.

  2. When stress happens it's always good to know, that YES, indeed it will all work out. Even if it's not in the way we originally planned.

    I have to say, I am also stressed. I keep reminding myself that I have to just get through the next two weeks, and then I can finish things up and relax. :)

    As hard as it was to wait an entire year... I read your blogs about the cost of everything and I am so glad we saved for ours. I'm working a ton of over time right now, and the wedding's already paid for. SO all that extra money, well... VEGAS HERE WE COME! :)

  3. the rest will work itself out too. This is the hard part. All the before stuff. You'll do great!