Friday, July 15, 2011

What to say...what to do...

I haven't blogged lately because everything in my world is totally focused on preparing for my wedding that will be here in about 2 months. I don't want to make everyone stick their finger down their throat and gag while I go on and on about which color invitations should I buy and how much should one really spend on wedding favors that nobody gives a rip about.

The WWW (Wide World of Weddings) has a million little pieces that are very expensive. 100 guests x 100 party favors times $3 per favor, that is $300 for useless crap. Here's some chocolate, you look like you need to bulk up a bit. LOL! Maybe I should fill the boxes with carrot sticks. That would make at least a few people scratch their heads.

Tulle, what else would I ever use it for? I can't see spending $50 in tulle to decorate something and throw it away when I am done. I wonder if I can wrap it back on the spool and return it when I am done? Maybe the flower girl basket and the pillow too? Hmmm...I think I am onto something here.

Unfortunately the basket and my living room is being bedazzled this afternoon by my 5 year old under the careful supervision of Nonna. What? You say you want to hang from the chandelier and bedazzle the ceiling, sure baby, whatever you want...

My work has suffered miserably because every five minutes I stop what I am doing to update my list of things to do for the wedding. For every item I cross off, there are four more to take its place. I have been married before, but it was a very low cost, low budget event. There were no favors, hardly any decorations and the food was a non-event.

This time, I am going to have the wedding of my dreams, even if it KILLS me... Maybe I am over thinking this a bit. Let's take a poll, does anyone on the planet care if you get a favor for attending? After all, we are going to feed you a fine dinner, some nice wine (or beer) and top you off with a lovely slice of cake. What more could a person want?

In three months time this will be a fond memory, in six it will be what we complain about as we are still paying the bills. LOL! At least I am not the only one that wants to do this right. The FG (Future Groom) has been assisting with ideas and tasks since day one. I couldn't have asked for a more willing participant. In the end, that's what really matters.

Then comes the gifts for everyone to thank them for participating. What can I give my dear friends that really says 'thank you for being by my side while I am going crazy and wearing that ugly dress that you will never wear again that makes me look great'?

Okay, so I said I wouldn't post about the wedding, and that's all I have in here for content. I guess I don't have anything else witty or comical to add. Sorry!


  1. First, you will never be a bridezilla 'cause I'd kick your tushy buns if you did.

    Second, enjoy every minute of this...and Third, forget the party favors...nobody expects them.

  2. I think you should have the wedding of your dreams! You go ahead and bedazzle, tule every thing you can find, and have the best time. It's so exciting, really! I've been married eight years, and I keep wishing I could do it again...maybe with another guy, maybe with the same guy, I'm not picky.

  3. Favors... eah? Not really necessary, but sometimes it's fun to have them as a momento.

    We are doing inexpensive picture frames at each placesetting (remember we only have 21 people coming). I filled each one with old pics of each guest and that will be their favor and their place card.

    And of course personalized m&Ms. Maybe you could do a small bowl of personalized M&Ms on each table and call it a day?

    I also had a great wedding the first time around, just with the wrong groom. We saved the money for this wedding, so there will be no regret later. :) Even on a budget, we are having every detail that we want. We have 6 weeks to go, and I can say, it's worth every minute of lost sleep. :)

  4. I have to say at least your man is helping.. That is great! For you my friend I would say stop and breathe for a second. You will do great and it will be an awesome wedding.

  5. And she'll look B.E.A.utiful! Cause she is!

  6. I hear you! It is HARD to plan a wedding (and spend money on things that seem useless). Heck, I couldn't even convince myself to spend a lot of money on the pictures, and they say that's the only thing that lasts.