Friday, August 19, 2011

Nonnna Nonsense Friday...

I am starting this post on Friday because I have so many things I'm not sure I can hold out until Monday...

As my daughter and I were leaving for our cruise to the Bahamas, I get an e-mail from Nonna stating that during our trip would be a perfect time for me to talk to my daughter about what inappropriate touching is, etc... I sat in my seat at the airport with my mouth open for about five minutes. A fly just about landed on my tongue mistaking it for a landing strip so I had to close my mouth.

When my daughter was about four, she and a couple of the other girls at her day care got in trouble for showing each other their panties. It was harmless, but I thought it was a good opportunity to talk with her about what was appropriate and what wasn't. Through the months I have mentioned other things about what is okay and what isn't, all in context of events going on around us. Why on earth would I say to her "Honey, we are going on a great adventure. If anyone touches your stuff inappropriately on this trip, let me know". Come on now... Who lets their five year old out of their sight on a cruise anyways? Not this mom!

Next we found out the new teacher is Mr. Teacher and not Miss Teacher, Nonna went straight to worrying about if Mr. Teacher was going to molest my daughter. They actually have more than one male teacher at my school so evidently that means that the school condones molestation of small children. Really...did you know that? Now I have to home school!! In the same e-mail she had to also ask me what FH wants for Christmas. Like I am even thinking about Christmas at this point. :-D

This morning I got an e-mail asking me what I would do if FH turned out like the Ex. My first question was 'what do you know that I don't'? She quickly assured me it was completely hypothetical. In return I had to ask her what she would do if a giant rubber duck knocked on her door. She was confused, angry even. Why would I ask her something so outlandish. I told her 'Exactly, you never know what you would do in a hypothetical situation until it becomes real'. She did NOT get my point.

I hate playing the game of "What If". How can you plan for every possible tragedy on the planet? Let's just worry about today, shall we?


  1. Wow! Lot's of nonsense this week. I'm sure she's trying to be useful, but the constant worrying is a drain on both of you. I hope she settles down soon.

  2. Oh dear lord we do have the same mom. Now if you tell me that she suspects every actor or actress she sees is gay then I will have no doubts whatsoever that my mom leads a double life.

  3. Oh, Nonna!

    Lord help us all.

    It's almost like she gets bits and pieces of information (like she watched Dateline and found that cruise lines have the highest incidents of rape, violent crimes, and child sex abuse, but they never go reported because they are out of the States juristiction) and has no idea how to eecute her concerns.

    Lord help ya honey. :)

  4. My mother can drive me batty in a second at 86. She still pushes my buttons and tells me how I should be living my life. I'm almost 51 years old. They mean well but boy can they get to ya!!