Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I love free stuff...

Got home from work yesterday to find a bag hanging on my front door that had a receipt in it from a lawn care service. It said they found X, Y and Z types of weeds in my yard so they did all of these wonderful treatments to help it out. The receipt was labeled with 1301 Xx Street. I live at 1201 Xx Street. You've got to love free weed control service.

I called the service up this morning and the lady actually apologized. She said if I would water the yard for at least 30 minutes, everything should be fine. Like I was going to be mad that they treated my weeds. LOL! I guess if I had just put chemicals on my lawn on my own or it was a double treatment, I could see where someone might be concerned about all of the chemicals on their lawn, but we certainly did not do that.

My yard certainly does need some weed control. I have been fighting the battle since early this spring. Maybe that's all part of their evil plan. They give me one free service and hook me like a crack dealer with my shiny, green, weed free lawn...


  1. That is so awesome. It reminds me, I need to spray my lawn ;)

  2. Almost Hubs took on the weeds this spring.

    Hence why he ripped out the ENTIRE lawn down to the dirt, spread new topsoil and started over. We are very close to the beach and everything is sand, so getting green grass is near impossible.

    Somehow he managed it though... for this year anyway. :)

  3. Free is great unless there's a catch!