Friday, August 26, 2011


How many of us live our lives wondering and worrying about things that will affect us? Do you get up each day and wonder, what's going to happen to ME today? Or do you roll out of bed and wing it?

I have the misfortune of being surrounded by several people that worry only about how everything affects them. They never stop to consider that maybe things just happen sometimes. Accidents happen and activities sometimes have unforeseen outcomes. It is called life.

I have a tendency to be a bit of a Pollyanna. I start each day with the belief that the day will go well and I will be relatively happy. I don't worry about who is going to cut me off in traffic on the way to work nor do I worry about a meteor falling out of the sky and landing on my head. Yet, I am continually reminded that there are people who really do this. They wake up and wonder, what awful thing is going to happen to ME today?

On one hand, I truly feel sorry for these people. How horrible it must be to begin each day with dread. Wondering when that moment will come that will ruin their day. How many wonderful things did they miss worrying about things that are out of their control?

Then on the other hand, I want to kick them in the tushy buns and tell them to get over themselves. The world does not revolve around any one person. The "bad-happenings gremlin" is NOT camped directly outside their door nor does he have the assignment to follow them around and make bad things happen to them.

I have learned not to try to change these people. If you attempt to get them to see things differently, their misery becomes your fault. Like you personally called the guy in traffic ahead of them and said - "hey buddy, swerve around that pot hole at the last minute so that XX won't see it and gets a flat tire when they hit it. Won't that be a hoot?"

It is a choice that we make every day. Am I going to find the good in today OR am I going to find the bad in today. You will typically find what you are looking for.


  1. If I were Pentecostal I would be feeling the Spirit move within me right now and shouting Hallelujah sister Preach it! haha
    My mom is exactly that person you just described. I'm more like you. Expect the best should something bad happen OH WELL that's life.

  2. Oh I recently told my mom that the world does not revolve around making her miserable nor do people set out to upset and hurt her with their actions on purpose. She got a little butt hurt unfortunately. My only excuse for this rudeness to my mother was a two hour conversation with the most depressed person you can think of. Sheesh.

  3. wrote "tushy buns"!

    you just keep being your Pollyanna self...this is a wonderful time in your life...enjoy it! I think I'll join in and enjoy it with you...

  4. I see the reality in things, but choose to believe that it will all work out in my favor.

    And it usually does.

    Positive thoughts = Positive results.