Thursday, August 18, 2011

School Days...

For once, I am going to write my blog first, then go back and title it. So often I find that the title doesn't really encompass what I end up writing about. At least after the first paragraph...(Believe it or not, I remained more focused and my post is really about one subject. Rock on!)

My daughter and I went to the school last night to see which teacher she will have for Kindergarten. It turns out that it is a male teacher. I thought that was a little unusual for Kindergarten, but there was more than one male teacher out of the six Kindergarten classes. I was very surprised that they had six classes too. I guess it was a day full of surprises. (Tune in Monday for Nonna Nonsense and I can share with you all of the great things she had to say about her grand-baby having a male teacher).

In our area, there is an elementary school in almost every neighborhood so to have six classes tells me we have lots of kids right in our very own neighborhood. I wonder where they have been all summer? We've been to the pool, bicycle riding, walking, etc...and haven't seen these mythical children. Hmmm...

I told my daughter that having a male teacher was a good thing as a female teacher may be immune to her charms like I am. (She has this way of tilting her head and batting her eyelashes that works on her dad every time.) She was sad at first but then decided I could possibly be right. Yes, I wrote that one down in the record book!

Tonight we get to meet the teacher. I am hoping and praying that he will be a charismatic, fun, happy and easy going guy that will inspire the kids to love learning. A cross between Mr. Rogers and Grover would work for me. He doesn't even have to be blue or furry. The funny voice is a must though.

Last year was a disaster for preschool. Her teacher was not a happy woman. She was not warm and friendly with the children. Not even a little. She was more like a drill sergeant. By the middle of the year I had to battle with my daughter to get her to school in the mornings. I would have changed where she went, but there really wasn't anywhere else for her to go. It was a rough year for all of us.

We did try the parent/teacher meetings to discuss things the teacher said and did. My favorite was "Just because it is your birthday, it doesn't mean you are special". Who says that to four and five year old children? Drill Sergeant "B" does... I even talked with the other parents to see if they had similar issues and all of them had something to say about it. Even the quiet parents that pass you quickly in the hallways had something to say. Unfortunately, the school still thinks she is a valuable teacher so she will be there again this year to warp some more young minds.

This year WILL be better. I am sending out my good vibes into the universe. My daughter will love school, the teacher will be Grover-ish and school lunches will become appealing so I don't have to figure out 101 ways to make a sandwich without assembling it... Evidently it tastes bad if you put the cheese and the meat ON the bread.

So, I guess this post is about school and hopes for a great first year for my kiddo. I will take all positive thoughts, wishes, vibes and prayers that anyone is willing to send our way!!


  1. Sending you ALL my positive thoughts! you have to send some back because last year was crap for me. I need a banner year I tell ya, a banner year!

  2. Good thoughts going your way...and if he happens to look like Arnold in Kindergarten Cop...AND IS SINGLE...well, send him my way!!!!!

  3. I can never write a title first. I have to blog and then come up with a title. I hope your little one does great with Mr. Teacher. It is unusual to have a man as a K teacher. But that's not to say he won't be good at it. Give him a chance right?!

  4. We got to the school and I saw Mr. Teacher down the hallway. Awesome guy, had crazy hair and you could just tell he was going to whip out the guitar and sing a song...but he turned out not to be our Mr. Teacher. Oh well...

    Our Mr. Teacher seems to be a very competent and overall nice guy. He is pretty short so the kids won't feel as intimidated by his height...sorry, I went there!

    My daughter took a fancy to him and all was well with the world after we took our tour of the library.

  5. Oh, great that your daughter took a fancy to him. My late husband was an daycare teacher. The kids and teachers and parents loved him. So... glad that this coming year will be better for you all.