Monday, May 23, 2011

You let your kid do what...?

Let me start by saying that I will be the first to admit there are things I let my daughter do that other parents might not let their child do. I may even be blog fodder for somebody else's blog, but I witnessed several events over the weekend that lead me to believe that these parents must have at least one more child than they want.

The first one was on Saturday morning while I was hosting a garage sale. Dad drives by with Young Son in the car. Great, Dad is giving Mom some time alone. Little does Mom know that Young Son is standing in the front seat of the car leaning forward with his little arms crossed on the dash while peering out the window. Yes, the car is in motion as Dad speeds down the residential street going at least twice the posted limit. I am guessing they have 5 more just like Young Son waiting at home...

The next 200 were witnessed while searching for some friends in the parking lot of a Jimmy Buffet concert. For anyone that has ever been to see Jimmy, you might be familiar with the term Parrot Head and would have some understanding of the outlandish activities associated with tailgating at one of his concerts. There were golf carts decorated like sharks, tiki huts, parrots, surf boards, you name it. There was even a very large above ground pool surrounded by a sea of RV's. That being said, you can assume that alcohol was being consumed in large quantities and along with that, people behaving quite wildly. What better place to bring your young children? Little tiny babies, toddlers, young sons and daughters, older sons and daughters, teenagers dressed like thugs and Hooter's girls... Yep, next year I'm gonna take my 5 year old - well, she'll be 6 by then, plenty old enough! I am going to sit her up at the bar and pour her a shot of tequila then let her go play in the street!!

The last one is a little more close to home and therefore way more frustrating. BF's daughter was with us for the weekend. Sunday afternoon we got a call from Mom's BF saying Mom is drunk and can we keep the daughter one more night. Sure we can. Thirty minutes later, daughter was playing with the iPhone, phone rings, Mom's name and number pop up so she answers the phone. Mom starts interrogating her daughter asking where she is, what is she doing, why isn't she coming home tonight? This goes on for a couple of minutes within hearing of the BF. I am waiting for him to go over and rescue his daughter from her drunk Mother. Nope, he does nothing. I finally go over to him and harshly whisper in his ear that he needs to get over there and rescue his daughter. By the time he gets over there, Mom has finished yelling and has hung up on her daughter.

Now on the other hand, I took my 5 year old to see a PG-13 movie yesterday. Pirates of the Caribbean #4. It was awesome! I had to pay the penalty of explaining why the mermaids had fangs and why they weren't nice mermaids over and over and over...but it was WELL worth the price.

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  1. You pick your battles. My 9 year old son went to Pirates this weekend with Almost Hubs. He can handle that, Oldest can not, so we went and painted pottery.

    Pirates of the Carribean is not a safety concern... unless of course you're planning on letting your 6 year old navigate the globe.