Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bat-Sh!t Crazy

**Note - this post was written yesterday but I couldn't publish it for some reason**

I am not sure where the term came from and not quite sure why bat poop should ever be referred to as crazy, but when dealing with the mother of my BF's daughter, it is the most appropriate comment I can make.

Last night I was graciously invited to attend the BF's daughter's softball game. While on my days off from my kiddo, watching 10 year old girls miss hits and fall down a lot is not high on my list of priorities, but we do what we have to do to get some time together so off I went.

The BF picks me up on his way to the game and is already grumbling under his breath. As we are doing 90 down the frontage road of the highway he tells me that the Mother has gotten herself pickled again and won't be able to take the daughter to her game so we will have to "hurry" over to get her and try to make it there by 7:00. At this point it is 6:20 and we are all the way across the world during rush hour traffic trying to get there. I'm thinking NOT gonna make it.

After we secure the lovely daughter in the car and race off to the playing field, she starts telling us how she might have strep throat but that's okay because her mom gave her some of her antibiotics or something like that. After she had one she fell asleep for 6 hours then her mom gave her another one and she slept for 10 hours so she is feeling much better now.

Here is where I stare lazer beams into the side of the BF's head while thinking to myself very loudly in my head - 'did you just hear what your daughter said'. I cannot believe her mother gave her adult medicine for symptoms of something as serious as strep throat. From the sounds of it, she didn't give her antibiotics at all but rather something else from the cabinet. As she is bat-sh!t crazy it could have been one of her anti-depressents or worse a pain killer or something like that.

It took everything in my being to not explode right there on the spot. I didn't want to freak out in front of the daughter because she is already struggling with how crappy her mom is. I tried to think about how I would feel if my mom chose to get drunk instead of going to my softball game and did some of the deep breathing exercises that I am beginning to get really good at for some reason.

Later in the evening the daughter says that her mom had her out in the backyard painting the pool after school today and that she was going to fill it in the morning and the daughter was going to go swimming in it that afternoon. My mom sirens are going crazy at this point - possible strep throat, not feeling well, sure throw the kid in an ice cold pool and you can kill her with pnuemonia...

On the way home from the game, the mother calls and asks if we know where her daughter is. She is frantic and says she can't find her...bat-sh!t crazy woman...

Her daughter was supposed to be at her Softball game at 7:00 last night. My BF gets a call at 6:00 from the drunk mother asking where the daughter is. BF says, she should be with you but I am on my way to come take her to her game as you are obviously not going to make it.


  1. I feel so badly for that sweet little girl...and yes, the mom is Bat-Sh!t CRAZY. How many more ways can she hurt her child and herself? I hope the BF gets that paperwork done quickly...and then reports her.

  2. Don't care weather paperwork's done or not, call DCF.

    She could KILL her while he's waiting on paperwork.