Monday, May 16, 2011

Putting it all back together...

The roofing materials were delivered to my house Friday and I got a little bit giddy. My new patio table and chairs have come in and things are almost back to normal after our whopping wind/hail storm in April. BF helped put the chairs together as they came in a big box marked "some assembly required". They went together pretty quickly. He assemble the first two on the uneven lawn so they have a tad bit of wobble to them. I suggested the patio for the next two assemblies and those came together a LOT better. Good help is hard to find but he is always willing and does it without complaining. One point in his favor!!!

Now I have my patio put back together and the contractor is working on putting the house back together this week. I am really looking forward to my home being restored to the original condition like those Allstate commercials!! Spent most of the weekend just digging out of the daily grind. The weather was beautiful and I really wanted to be out in it as much as I could so I managed to rearrange enough things that I almost got a sunburn!

I did find out on Friday that my darling daughter lost her dance shoes. Her recital is Saturday of this weekend. I had to purchase a $20 pair of ballet shoes to be used for one week...UGH! The upside is that she will dance her little heart out in the shoes at home as long as they still fit and even some after that, so it isn't a complete loss. Next fall she wants to do Karate. Not sure whether or not I am excited about that as she can almost kick my A$$ already!!

Today it is back to wistfully gazing out the window, thankful for a job but wishing it was an outdoor job just for today...


  1. Karate is awesome for health and self esteem. Somethings are worth the money. Karate is one of them. :)

  2. Oooh! Both you and Juliana houses put back together. Closest one gets to have me over for BBQ! Good thing you actually know me in person, Tracy!