Friday, May 6, 2011

Eternal Optimist...

Things seem to have managed to right themselves these days. The insurance adjuster agreed my roof was a complete loss, the contractor finally provided me with all of the paperwork that prevents me from going to jail for Insurance fraud and my new check is on the way.

The furniture that the BF won earlier this year has been successfully delivered to my living room (his apartment was too small for a sectional so I win) and the old sofa has been moved upstairs to the playroom. The new sofa has recliners on both ends and I have decided that reclining while watching TV is a luxury I am willing to get used to.

I did have to limit my time in the playroom as my daughter has WAY too many toys. She has stuff that she has never played with, played with once or twice and plays with regularly. I have tried in vain to talk her into parting with group A and B so that we have more room for the stuff she really plays with but it always results in crying. If I get rid of the stuff when she isn't home, it always ends up becoming the latest of many traumas in her life. (I can foresee years of therapy in her future because pretty soon I am going to go crazy and clean it all out - damn the consequences!)

Work is going well, my major project has reached another important milestone and I didn't lose any hair on the way. Very excited about this one getting closer to completion as it is HUGE.

Now, I need to figure out if my mood swings from bliss to despair back to bliss again require medication or if it is just a natural occurrence due to outside circumstances. LOL!!

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  1. With my kids, I simply told them no new toys until we had room for them. This meant that we had to clean out the old.

    It was right before Christmas, and I stuck to my guns. They cleaned out voulentarily more than I would have. They donated it to kids that didn't have toys, and some we ebayed.

    Sometimes if you give them a choice, one that they control, it's less of a battle because it makes them feel empowered.