Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Strange dreams...

I have often wondered if other people dream with the same intensity that I do or if I am just wired differently.

I had a good dream two nights ago of Johnny Depp seducing me and when I woke up I could still smell his cologne (damn alarm!). Now I know that JD will never be knocking on my door and really if he did, I would probably turn him away as the dream was so intense I know I would never survive the real thing.

Last night my dreams went the other way. I dreamt that I kept asking my coworkers to call a therapist for me because I needed help. Then I took off all of my clothes and was walking around the building naked. I kept telling everyone to call a doctor.

Next I am at the doctor's office and the lady taking my application is asking me all of these questions about my information and when she is done, she tells me to go home and someone will be calling me in the next 4-6 weeks. I kept telling her that would be too late, I need help now but she just kept saying "Next".

I woke up from that dream almost as sweaty and started wondering about dreams and what they mean. When I do have significant dreams, I often awake with the feeling that whatever I dreamt about really just happened. Whether it be a tornado, flood, fire or fantasy, they seem so real. Sometimes the feelings experienced during my dreams will linger long into the morning or even for days if it was a really traumatic dream.

Sometimes my dreams even come true, that sense of Deja Vu, knowing what the person next to you is going to say or do next because you have already played out the scene in a dream before. That is really spooky...

Does anyone else have these types of dreams or are they meant to be more fanciful or fleeting?

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  1. I get dejvu so often it's not even freaky anymore.

    I have had very vivid dreams, ones that wake me up. More scary for me are the times I have sleep walked, or have had night time halucinations from being so exhausted but not being able to sleep completely.

    Just another joy of Motherhood...

    Then there's the ones I get from eating spicy food before bed... :)