Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Evidently I have YET to learn this lesson...

About a month ago, my daughter asked if she could have a party with a few of her friends from school. I thought 'hey, wouldn't that be a great idea'. Welcome to summer, end of school, a few kids, a casual event, easy-peezey-lemon-squeezy...

Boy was I wrong!!

The first problem is that no matter what I do, people in this day and age do not respond to the invitation to say 'yes we can make it' or 'sorry we won't be there'. Were you people born in a country devoid of etiquette? Just asking....

After 41 years, I should know better than to ask my dear, sweet Mother to help me with any type of party or event that I am hosting. Yet, I keep asking her. I don't know if that means I am a glutton for punishment or if I truly have lost my mind and should be committed. Evidently a back yard BBQ for 5 year olds is supposed to be hosted as if I were Martha "Freakin" Stewart.

Today she asks me if I plan to post an agenda for the party so people know what to expect. I just about fell out of my chair. An agenda?!! Um, let's see...there will be a splash pool, a sprinkler and some food. I think people will figure this out. If I throw an extra game in there for the kids, it might make someone freak out and leave, but I am okay with those consequences. An agenda, really? For 5 year olds? Might as well try my hand at herding cats.

Then we are on to 'What am I serving, how am I going to arrange the food, am I getting enough food for everyone, what are they going to drink" and on and on and on.... To which I politely responded that I have all of that under control and what I really needed her help with was to replenish supplies when they run low and help keep an eye on the splashers.

I can see her in my mind, hands on her hips, foot tapping, thinking to herself - this girl has no idea what it takes to host a party. Evidently the success of any party is in the details, or so I have been told.

Then comes the next round of questions, "What will you do if extra guests show up, who did you invite, why did you invite that person, did you think to invite this person, what about the people that haven't responded, you should leave another note at the school and ask the teachers to have the parents call you and will you make enough food in case they show up..."

I politely responded again, I have the party arrangements pretty much handled, all I need you to do is help replenish supplies and keep an eye on the splashers. "But are you sure you thought of everything?" Nope, you're right, I must have completely forgotten how to throw a party because evidently none of my parties have ever been successful and no, I didn't know the President was coming to the party because he didn't freakin' RSVP...


  1. I always leave an email adress for my rsvp. I get more reponses that way. :)

    That said, our end of the year impromptu one friend only party has turned into six kids coming over AND is being combined with Almost Hubs birthday party.

    That means about 35 people. Hotdogs, burgers, lobster and cake.

    All with no agenda. GO figure.

  2. Tracy, I've NEVER been to a bad party at your house. Tell mom to stay home. Hire R.R.R.'s daughter to help you with the kiddos and replenishing food, etc. And have a really good time.