Friday, June 10, 2011

All for naught...

Last night's special delivery could not have gone better. Well, the only way it would have been better is if I didn't have to deliver one cute and very sweet boy to his new family, but that is what we were doing and for that, it went very well.

We got home pretty quickly, loaded up Peanut and off we went. We were blessed by the traffic gods and made it all of the way across the world in just about an hour. Peanut even managed to hold in his cookies the whole way. He tends to get car sick so we were a little worried. I think my daughter was a little more worried than I was because that end was in her lap the entire trip.

When we arrived, the new family had their dogs outside so they could meet Peanut in a calm environment. They immediately fell in love with him and he looked pretty happy to meet them as well. Then we brought in the first moose - I mean Golden Retriever. He was a great big boy, but relatively calm so that meeting went pretty well. After about 30 minutes we introduced the second Golden Retriever and that was touch and go. He was much younger and jumped up and down and all around. There was a lot of growling and baring of teeth. Nobody got bitten so it was all good.

After about an hour everyone calmed down and started to act like Peanut had always been there and was nothing new. Whew! The new owner called me today to report that everyone is friends now and Peanut seems pretty happy. He was looking for us out the door, but that is to be expected.

When I got up this morning, the first thing I noticed was the lack of his little, smiling face and his wagging tail waiting for me to pet him. This is hard, but I know in my heart it is the right thing for him and for us. I know it will be even harder the first time my daughter is with her dad and I come home to an empty house.

His new mom said she would call me on Sunday to give me an update and that anytime I wanted to call her and check on him I could. She also told me that Peanut is exactly what they was looking for and how thankful they are that we agreed to let them have him. Talk about a humbling experience!!

I am still very sad over the whole ordeal, but my guilt has been lessened. The love and care he will get in his new home will surpass anything I would be able to provide for him at this time. I could feel the love in the new home the moment I walked in the door and it brought peace to my heart. Thank you God for helping me to place Peanut with the right family!!


  1. Good for you. And good for peanut.

    Now don't go getting all crazy and getting another pet. If you must, fish. They're more of a craft project anyway. :)