Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The world of conversion...

I haven't posted anything lately because I have been up to my armpits in a data conversion at work. I know, I know..B-O-R-I-N-G!!! That being said, I am trying to decide how many of my coworkers truly do not have a single brain cell in their head. What? You want the prices to convert with the item numbers at the same time? We didn't realize you wanted us to do that FOR you... Come on people.

Other than that drama, my life has been relatively simple. Pulled off my party without any issues. Everyone appeared to have a good time and nobody cried for 5 hours. Can you imagine a kid party without crying? I count that as a complete success. We didn't even break anything.

B.F. has finally gotten the ball rolling on his custody paperwork for his daughter (YEA) and everything seems to be going smoothly there as well.

My darling daughter has started Summer school at the church and she is a completely different kid. People just don't understand why this school is the one I would be willing to pay for. What's wrong with public school? Nothing. Absolutely nothing, except they took God out. The teachers can't hug the kids, they can't pray with them, they can't fellowship with them. All they are allowed to teach is their brains. I think I may resort to selling a kidney to get her in this fall.

When I went to pick her up on her last day of day care I asked her if she was going to miss her teachers and she said "nope". Was she going to miss anything about the school, "nope". She said she would be glad to not have to see her teacher anymore because her teacher is angry all of the time. UGH! Sounds like someone shouldn't have signed up to teach preschool...

I talked to her after her first day of Summer school and she was ecstatic. Her dad told me she bounced out of bed and was even happy when he woke her up. Of course, that was after just the first day but she went to the same Summer school last year and was that way all Summer. She loved school. She wanted to go every day. After three weeks at preschool, she said she hated school and didn't want to go anymore.

There is definitely a difference in the atmosphere. We will see how the rest of the Summer goes and the continued world of conversion for my darling daughter as well.


  1. Good schools are easy to find...great schools are a rarity. We got lucky with Peanut's public school. It's amazing.

  2. Sometimes (not all) private schools are better because the parnts are more involved. More involvement means less issues with kids acting out.

    I would LOVE the boys to attend the charter school (middle school) in two years. I just don't know if they could handle the curriculum.