Sunday, June 5, 2011


Spent the weekend preparing for, hosting and cleaning up after a summer splash party for a few of my neighbors and daughter's friends from school. Everyone had a great time and it was well worth all the trouble. My mother even said that she thought my party was very welled planned out and she had a great time. To which I will just have to say - I told ya so!

The darling daughter has just left for her Dad's for the next two days and the house is so quiet I can hear the dog breathing. Ahhhh...

Today is the one year anniversary of me and BF's first date. We are going to dinner - AFTER I am forced to sit in the blazing sun for an hour to watch his daughter's soccer game. I would love to skip it, but as a parent we all do things we don't want to. I am sure there will be some "thing" of my daughter's that he will be forced to go to in the future so I am paying it forward. LOL!

Now, onto some needed Zzzzzzzzzzz's...

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  1. Oooh! Glad you had some time off to relax. Hope you enjoyed it. And congrats on your anniversary!