Monday, June 20, 2011

Blue toenail polish...

I have noticed more and more that women young and old are trending away from the traditional colors for their pedicures. I have commented time and time again how cute that purple or blue polish is on other people but continued to stick with the traditional red or pink polish. Even so much as to go with the exact same colors of red or pink each time. The decision was this red or that pink, done...BORING!

Not this weekend! I picked a beautiful, sparkly turquoise polish and can't help but feel a little chic about it. I made one step toward getting myself out of the "safe" rut that I have been in for so long now.

Somehow, I decided that between becoming a mom and turning 40 it meant I had to dress differently, act differently, be more reserved and grown up. I miss the old me that was fun, adventurous, daring and bold. I have replaced myself with that nameless being, 'Jenna's Mom'. Worse yet, these days I have been acting more matronly that my own mother who happens to be a Grandma.

I think that I wanted so badly to be a mom that since becoming one I have thrown myself into my traditional image of what a good mom should be like (classic, mature, reserved, etc...think June Cleaver here) that I have almost forgotten how to have fun. What happened to 'let's stay up late and watch old movies and hit each other with pillows' like my mom did when I was little? I will admit that she started her motherhood experience at least 17 years earlier than I started mine, but she knew always knew how to have fun.

I get so stuck in a rut that I rush through each day thinking only about what 'has' to be done today and forget that those things could easily be done tomorrow or the next day as well. I can still be 'Jenna's Mom' and be more spontaneous and adventurous! Hello blue toenails, goodbye rut!

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  1. Girlie! I can so relate! And can't wait to see those blue nails! Ooh! Post a picture!