Friday, June 3, 2011

White pants...

When you get up in the morning and decide - "I think I will wear my white pants today", think twice. No matter how careful you are, the pants will not be white by the end of the day.

Got to work this morning, put my water crack (Crystal Light) in my water and shook it up. Took off the cap, had a drink and put it down. Somehow, in less than 10 seconds, I forgot that I did all of these things, picked up the bottle a second time and attempted to shake it up sans lid. Pink water everywhere and especially on my "white" pants... (The good news about messing your white pants up first thing in the morning is that it takes the pressure off of you for the rest of the day!)

Growing up, I had a friend whose dad would come home from the dealership after buying a new car and immediately take a hammer and lightly ding one of the doors. At first I thought he was a lunatic until he explained to me that he knew the dings would happen eventually, this way any new dings weren't going to upset him.

How many days have I considered ruined after something like a stain on my white pants? Quite a few I am sorry to say. NO MORE!!

Nothing is perfect. No matter how hard I try to make each event the best I can, there will always be something that doesn't turn out as I had planned. It is MY choice as to whether or not I allow that something to change my mood from good to bad. Sounds like it is time for me to start choosing more wisely!

That and never buy another pair of white pants. LOL!

P.S. Had to share this lovely Art Fail from my daughter. This is supposed to be a tree and not something that requires a trip to the doctor for some penicillin.


  1. It's an abstract tree...I love it!
    I used to consider a day ruined if I discovered a hole in the armpit of my that I'm pre-menopausal I just see that as air conditioning!
    Have a great weekend, my friend!

  2. I have a similar problem, except they’re black pants with white stains. Now I look like a cow.