Wednesday, April 18, 2012

We did it!

Our house sold yesterday...we finally did it.  The waiting is over, the fish bowl is done.  Now, time to panic.  We have to be out by the 18th of May, which is a full month away; however, we have NO idea where we are going to live.  Originally we were going to build in a community close to my office, but their prices have gone up so much they are now out of our price range.  So then we started entertaining an existing home and have started looking at those.  We are also looking at some new construction in another neighborhood that is closer to our budget.

I am praying that this weekend we find our peace as to what we want to do, old or new.  New has so many benefits, but it also means we have to move twice.  Old we can get a bigger house with more stuff in it, but what about the energy efficiencies and repairs that will have to be made...