Monday, April 30, 2012


We finally found our new house.  With only three weeks to spare until we have to move from our beloved current house.  Sheesh!  I am certainly not one for waiting until the last minute and I think I have had not only a canary about all of this, but a cow as well.

Friday in the Family Room:
Me: Honey, we still don't have a new house yet.  Did you get anything new to look at from the Realtor?
Honey: No, I will go look at some more houses on-line
Me: How do you feel about cardboard?
Honey: What on earth are you talking about?
Me: Well, we do have a few boxes left over and as that is where we will be living, I wanted to make sure you were good with that.
Honey: You know we'll find something, just have faith.
Me:  Aaaagggghhhh....

Saturday, late in the day after window shopping at several existing houses...
Me: We have to go home and regroup
Honey: Let's keep driving around aimlessly... (maybe I am paraphrasing a little here...)
Me:  We can't keep driving up and down the streets of random neighborhoods.  If we do, someone is going to call the police and you know I don't look good in orange.
Honey:  Okay, let's go home...

We went home, regrouped and decided we could go a little further north of our original search area.  We finally found our treasure.  It is five miles further than the furthest point we were willing to drive, but it has everything that everyone wanted in our family.  Finally!!!  Everyone is happy, including me!!  YEA!!!

Now, onto panicking about the financing and closing of two homes on the same day...oh yeah, and moving...UGH!


  1. Have fun.

    This is exactly why I think Tony and I will live here until the last one finishes college...

    1. You have such a great place, why would you EVER move? Besides, Tony has left more than a little DNA around there with all of his injuries. You wouldn't want aliens to come suck the blood out of the wood and clone him would you?

  2. Yea yea yea! I'm so excited for you!

  3. I hope everything will go perfectly. This is sooo exciting :0)