Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dust in the wind...

I was out in Phoenix earlier this week for work and came across an honest to goodness sand storm.  Two days in a row.  The second day I was at the airport, anxiously awaiting my turn to leave and out the window I see this.

Of course in my mind, it really looks like this:

So I start to panic. 

You could tell which people at the airport were from the area and which ones were visiting because about half of the people started milling about with concern while the other half acted like they could care less.

I knew better though, secretly they were worried that we would find out their secrets.  That there in the desert they were hiding this:

Oh wait, that was me this morning after the whole 5 hours of sleep I got...


  1. You're too funny. Glad you're back home.

  2. Not a fan of sand storms. Not a fan at all.

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  4. my son lives near phoenix and says the dust storms are horrible, but pass in about 15 minutes. Just stay inside and you're good! Weird.