Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Rules...

My step-daughter is staying with us for two months this summer, so Saturday morning I dutifully laid out the ground rules for the duration.  My husband - her father, sat idly by nodding his head every so often.  Evidently he figured I had this one.

  1. You must bathe - at least once every 48 hours.  With soap...
  2. You must make your own bed - every morning, completely, not half way, not most of the way, all of the way.
  3. If you take it out, put it back when you are finished in the same condition you took it out in... (this rule covers a plethora of things so don't think I didn't provide her with a list of at least 30 situations in which it would apply)
I have added one rule to the list just last night.  After completing your shower, hang up your wet towel.  Do not throw it in the laundry basket to mildew until it can walk itself to the washing machine.  You might think it will lead the other clothes with it, but it will only crawl into your bed and strangle you in your sleep. 

Yes, she thinks I am completely insane...

I think 4 rules is getting off pretty light.  When we were kids, Mom would leave us at home during summer break and give us a list of chores so long, it would take half of the day to get them done.  I know it was her way of thinking we would be too busy to get into trouble, but we could get into a ton of trouble in the other half of the day and before doing all of those chores, we relished in our schemes of how we would complete the tasks without actually doing the work...

Kids today have nothing on us!

Does anyone remember hearing the garage door and frantically shouting "Mom's home..." as you ran around the house completing the tasks on your list that had conveniently been left undone?  We definitely perfected the art of procrastination.


  1. I so remember this! I remember hollering at my brothers to get their stuff done because I always got mine done early so I could do whatever I wanted! lol Sorry I made you cry today. It is a great story though isn't it?

  2. We would always wait until the last minute too LOL! Memories ;)

  3. Week two of summer vacation has turned out well so far. Nobody has been killed and everyone is clean, as of today anyways!