Monday, July 9, 2012

The craziness continues as usual in my world.  Had a spat with Nonna, shipped off Bonus Daughter for a week and finally got the cable buried in my yard.  Yes, cable, no dead body.  Here's a little more of the details of what I have been doing...

Nonna -
Well, Nonna has been pretty quiet lately. I knew it couldn't last though.  Little by little she has been sending her junk stuff, my way.  I have been diligent in trying to find places for everything she wants to keep, but I informed her that the inn was getting full and she hadn't even sent any of her "real" stuff over yet.  I had to remind her once again that she has two rooms in our house.  Not lots of rooms in our house.  Two.  She keeps spilling out into the general areas and "suggests" how some of her things would look better in specific places where I have proudly put my things.  Nope, not working for me...

Bonus Daughter -
We have had Bonus Daughter living with us since the end of the school year (about June 1st) and things have been going pretty smoothly if you ignore her Momma Drama.  Her mom sold her house and they were not due to move until September.  The new owner sold their house sooner than expected and all of a sudden the move date was the first week of July.  Mom said she wanted us to keep Bonus Daughter and she was going to go live out of town to get herself back together.  After many tears and finally acceptance from Bonus Daughter ("really, we're not that bad" I kept telling her) we were ready to have a full time Daughter.  Only to have her mom change her mind at the last minute, literally, and now Bonus Daughter will be going back to live with her Mom in August. 

Cable -
When you build a new home, the cable company runs a line from their box to your box on the outside of your home.  This line lays exposed on the ground until another crew comes back and buries it.  After over a month of waiting for this to happen, I called the cable company and spoke with a nice man in a third world country somewhere.  After clearly explaining what I needed done, the man sends a repair technician to my home.  This technician politely tells me that he only fixes the cable, he doesn't bury it.  I told him I was sure that I had a shovel he could use.  He didn't even crack a smile.  So I call the cable company again, again I am connected with a person that is not from this country.  After explaining to her several times in several different ways, I am assured that a specialist will be coming to my home to bury my cable. And to not be confused.  What? I'm not confused, you're confused.  Whatever.  So, cable technician #2 is scheduled.  I take time off from work to be there.  That morning I receive a call from the contracting company that actually buries the lines.  The wonderful technician that had originally arrived was evidently impressed enough with my desperation that he contacted someone to finish the job. YEA!  Now I don't have to take time off from work and the cable has been successfully buried.  Little does Technician #2 know that if the contractor hadn't interceded on his behalf, there was definitely a shovel that would have been used...

That's all I have to report for now.  Jet setting off to Phoenix again tomorrow.  I think I have started getting mail there.


  1. I would have buried the cable myself and sent them the bill.

    Enjoy Phoenix.

  2. I love watching the beautiful relationship you have built with Bonus will have a huge and positive impact on her life and that makes me smile.

  3. I bet Bonus Daughter loves you so much. I'm sorry she'll be going back in August.

  4. I hope you get to stop traveling soon. As for living with people their stuff running into my stuff drives me nuts. My sister used to do that to me.