Friday, July 27, 2012

Beauty and the Beast...

One of my friends recently told me that her daughter has been offered a modeling contract.  She's 6.  The daughter, not the mother....  Anyways, the mom worked at the mall and took her daughter to work with her one day when they were doing a modeling promotion for kids.  One of the people working the show prompted mom to sign up - of course - and her daughter won the whole thing. 

On one hand, I am so excited for these people as the mom and the daughter are awesome people.  The daughter is as cute as a bug and certainly very photogenic.  I can totally see why they would select her as the winner.

On the other hand, I am so bothered by this that it has caused me to dig deep into my heart to figure out why I don't want them to have this.  I have discovered the horrible truth...I am jealous.  At first I thought it was jealousy because I wanted my daughter to model, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that wasn't it.  It was even uglier than that.

When I was about 10, I was signed up at a modeling school.  I went with a friend because for that day only it was free.  I guess it was their way to sucker bring in more clients.  They loved me.  Not only did they love me, they decided that I could come back on a scholarship because I couldn't afford their class.  The suckered me in so much that I really felt like maybe I would make it big.  I was certain tall for my age, very blond (naturally back then) and had a great complexion.  I had dreams of how big I would be and even began practicing my red carpet walk.  Hey, I was 10, that's what 10 year old girls do, right?

Then came the utter disappointment, I was out.  Helga or Olga or one of those Swedish names came in the door off the street and stole my scholarship.  Evidently it doesn't matter how cute you are, if you don't pay your dues, you don't go anywhere.  I was left with the wonderment of what might have happened had things been different and I could have paid for the class. 

I do realize that I most likely would have never really been a model.  Not that I'm a dog, but I am not exactly high fashion model pretty.  The point is that they got my hopes up only to dash them into the gutter.  I don't want that for the daughter nor the mom because it really sucks.  I pray that it's nothing but wonderful for them and that I see the daughter on the cover of Vogue one day.  On the up side, I don't recall ever seeing Olga on the cover of anything...  :-D


  1. Awe! That must have been really hard to take when you were 10. I tell you what, though, if they had a category of "model" moms, you'd win...hands down.