Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stupid Internet Blocker...

At least once a week I have at least one of my favorite blogs that is suddenly blocked thanks to the lovely corporate content blocker we have on the Internet at the office.  I realize that this computer belongs to my company as does the service that I use for the Internet, so I am not mad at them as it turns out that we really do have plenty of people here that really do need to be blocked from spending hours surfing the porn sites.  ;-p

What does make me mad is that one day I can get onto the site just fine, then the next day it is blocked as being a gaming site or worse yet, a pornographic related site.  I scratch my head and wonder how anything posted on the blogs I follow constitutes gaming or porn. I prefer to follow sites that aren't too far out there so it is pretty vanilla on my list, but yet again Elisa Hirsh (The Crazy Life of a Writing Mom) is blocked.  Dang it all to heck - uh oh, I think I just got my blog blocked due to profanity.... SHEESH!

P.S. This time it is a gaming policy and not porn - I figured I had better clarify so Elisa doesn't start blushing!


  1. Elisa was just busted for having an offensive blog. Google actually deleted her all together.

    Prehaps that's where the issue was.

    I'm not exciting enough to be banned... by anyone. *sigh*

  2. LOL! about the blushing ;)

    I was so sad when google banned me. I'm glad it's back up now though.

  3. Lol wait till you read her post today! I guarantee it will be blocked. K this is two blogs in a row that had me rolling this morning. Thank you. Wanna guess what the other post was? Yep! Elisa's

  4. Seriously, I might get blocked now lol. I'm pushing it. ;)