Monday, January 2, 2012


I finally unburied my computer long enough to catch up on everyone else's posts and to write one of my own.  We had a pretty great New Year's weekend. Hubby, the girls and I made Gnocchi together for a party and lit off some fireworks. The girls were still running wild at midnight and everyone had their "kissing partner". My stepdaughter is 11 and my daughter is 5 and the conversation they had about why a "kissing partner" was important just about made me pee my pants.  Evidently it is okay to have a pillow to kiss, even a sweatshirt, but not kissing anything at midnight is bad luck.  LOL!

We had some friends over for New Years Day and got to enjoy the Gnocchi we prepared the evening before.  It was delicious and the girls were puffing out there chests telling everyone how "they" made the Gnocchi and we just helped them a little. 

The daughter decided to give herself a makeover upstairs and her first pass resulted in a banded raccoon look. That got some giggles and applause.  Next came the full face makeup.  Looks like Lady Gaga has some competition in the rear view!! She is quite the drama queen as well so I am looking for big things in her future.

Hubby had to work today and daughter was with her dad so stepdaughter and I went for lunch and a movie.  She is a pretty amazing kid and I continue to count my blessings.  I don't have to deal with the "your not my mom" attitude from her and she talks to me like a real person.  She is only 11 so I won't hold my breath that this will stay this way forever, but I will enjoy it for now.


  1. Sounds good. :) And I love your new family photo in your profile. So cute!

  2. The food sounds awesome. I wish I could have seen the makeup lol so fun!

  3. Sounds like your stepdaughter is amazing, and if you already have the kind of relationship where you are going for outings just the two of you, I think you've already established the foundation for the turbulent teen years: probably won't be bad at all.

  4. Her stepdaughter is so sweet and always smiles. And you can tell she is loved by Tracy...way to go step-mom! And don't even get me started on how cute Tracy's 5-year old was on Sunday!