Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Every now and then something will happen in my life, or in the life of one of my loved ones that leads me to be particularily inspiring. Unfortunately it is harder to apply these inspirations to my own life than it is to help others but whenever I can help, I am always glad that I shared my thoughts.

That being said, my dear friend Steph has asked me several times to start my own blog. I had one a very long time ago but found it difficult to contribute anything valuable on a consistent basis so I stopped. I now realize that I don't have to post often and I don't have to post inspiring things. I just need to post my random snippets to help myself keep things straight in my head.

No promises, but here goes:

Snippet for the day:

Relationships are like a buffet, it is up to you to take as much as you can of want of what you enjoy and skip the stuff you don't like. Nobody will make you eat the brussell sprouts!

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  1. Welcome back, my friend! I look forward to your snippets!