Tuesday, March 13, 2012

In a nutshell...

I'm sorry I can't take your call right now, please leave a message after the tone...Beep!

Well, not really, I'm still here.  Just trying to figure out how to fit 30 hours worth of work into less than 24 hours of day because I really do like my beauty rest!!

Work has been taking me all over the place.  I did a gig in Phoenix, then off to San Antonio, Raleigh, Orlando, etc...  In between I try to remember which clothes are dirty and which ones are clean in my suitcase so I can reload.

The house is still on the market and I am very frustrated as our "Realtor" (I use quotes because I haven't seen her do anything that would strike me as Realtor-ish yet) doesn't seem to have any fire in her to sell our home.  I have had to suggest the Open House, I have asked for some rewording on our listing - still not done and I had to come with her with the suggestion to change the price just a little so we would hit the right demographic.  If she weren't one of Rudy's friends, I would have fired her already.  I had an awesome Realtor that sold my old house in 5 weeks just after the bottom of the market fell out and he was able to negotiate for almost the full asking price. 

Hubby is awesome when I get to see him.  Evidently his boss has the idea that he should really work 30 hours each day instead of just hypothetically working those hours - in my defense, those include parenting hours.  Just because I don't get a paycheck for those hours, doesn't mean it isn't real work!!

The kids are amazingly great.  The daughter comes up with new ways to torment me daily and the Bonus Daughter (yes Julianna, I borrowed your phrase) is just about to hit puberty and is learning to master the sullen response.  I asked her if she made her bed on Saturday, she said yes so of course I had to check it out.  The blanket was hanging 90% off the bed towards the wall leaving almost all of the sheets showing underneath.  The good news is that after demonstrating to her the proper way to make the bed, she got it right without asking on Sunday so there is still hope for me yet.  Of course she is only 11 so I know it goes downhill quickly from here.

Other than that, I am still swimming up stream.  Nonna is about to drive me to excessive drinking and I just can't wait for her to move in with us.  Yesterday she accused her lovely granddaughter of grand theft wallet as she had a couple of dollars go missing from her wallet.  Evidently the co-workers are above suspicion, but one blue eyed, honey haired six year old is a hardened criminal.  Sheesh!!

There, in a nutshell, is what' up with me.  I miss you all and hope to catch up more in the days ahead...


  1. Steal away... they are all bonus kids. :)

    Good to see that things are good but steady. It makes you appreciate the down times.

  2. DON'T DO IT! DON'T MOVER HER IN! I'm yelling at you because I care. believe me living with anyone other than your spouse and kids is asking for a ticket towards divorce!!! Phil and I get along beautifully as long as my sibling is not living with us. I've had all my siblings live with me at one time or another. I've lived with my inlaws (whom I liked until we lived together.)As for the 11 year old... Wait till she hits 13..

    1. I may not have to worry if the house never sells. Mom may keel over first... LOL! I know, I know, I'm going to hell for even saying that, but if I don't laugh I will cry!