Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day 1 Gajillion and 32...

Captain's Log: Star Date 1 Gajillion, 32 - the natives appear to be growing restless.  They have stopped picking up after themselves and the tall one left a dirty plate on the counter.  Not sure how to divert them back to Clean-dom.  May have to resort to using the Phaser - set to stun of course...

Let me just say that selling your house means that you live in a fish bowl.  People may show up at your doorstep with only minutes of notice so it has to be in a virtual state of cleanliness that would make even Mother Teresa throw her hands in the air and cuss.  The husband has been a fantastic sport about this, but little by little his commitment to cleanliness has begun to wane.  Truthfully mine has too, but I am way to OCD to stop now.  I may have to seek therapy when this is all over to ever get back to my previous comfort zone with "things that aren't in their proper places". 

My daughter, fondly remembers what her toys looked like and how cool it was when we used to be able to actually take them out and play with them.  Now she is allowed to take one thing out at a time and it must be put back before another thing can be taken out.  Poor Barbie is in an eternal state of undress because her clothes are in a different bin that the dolls. 

I may have actually risen to a new state of cleanliness for the bathrooms called "Ludicrous Clean".  I swear you could eat off the floor in there now.  And what for?  We haven't seen a soul in almost two weeks.  Four Lookie-Lous, One Open House and then complete silence.  I understand we live halfway to Canada (while still living in Texas of course) and the road construction is a bear, but wait until it is finished and you won't be able to buy a house in our neighborhood for under a cool million...  You can have ours for the low, low price of $XX if you buy today!!!  I should have been in advertising.

Tonight I will rally the troops, pep them up, talk the talk, proclaim the proclamation that somebody, yes somebody just might come look at the house this weekend so pick up your stuff, or else...Zzzzzzap!


  1. I just had this conversation with my Mother. She's the executor of my grandparents estate and even with no one living there, keeping it clean is a nightmare. Seriously. People come in to view the house and USE THE BATHROOM!

    Who does that????

    Good luck darlin', this is a prime example of why Tony and I are staying put.

    1. When I first read this comment, my first mental image was of your mother lining people up and killing them, then I realized she wasn't executing anyone. LOL! I really hope nobody used the bathroom during the open house...

  2. This has to be one of my favorite post you have done! I laughed so hard all the way through it! I'm OCD about my house too and no one gets it