Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wait your turn...

If you were in line at the bank, grocery store, post office, pretty much anywhere, you would never expect to see someone walk into the building and step in line in front of you.  Why then, as drivers, do people think it is okay to cut in line?  Just because you are in your car, doesn't mean that you are immune to the rules of society.  No, your time is NOT more important than mine and zipping past all of the other cars to throw your blinker on right before you practically run me off the road does not make it okay.

Once upon a time it would be okay for someone to not realize that they had to get over.  Maybe it was your first time driving that particular way and suddenly you find yourself in the right turn lane, but you don't want to go right. You look to the left to see if anyone is coming then try to safely make your way over.  If not, you go ahead and turn right to go around the block and try it again.

Now, people will purposely cut into your lane without so much as a blinker and expect you to yield.  This morning I almost lost it.  I had several cars try to get in my lane while I was in it.  The lane that I had already waited 10 minutes in to get to where I was.  They zipped past all of the other cars behind me and decided I was the sucker that was going to let them in.  Guess what?  They were SO VERY WRONG.  I did not let them in.  I held my ground and almost got a white stripe down the side of my very red car. 

Lots of gesturing later, the person behind me let them in.  I was furious!  Stand strong, don't let these bad mannered drivers win.  Every work day I go through this dance to get to my office.  Every work day there are multiple people that believe their time is more important than mine.  Every work day I mutter to myself that they are very lucky I don't own any type of gun because the tire shop down the street would be pretty busy.

I really try not to let this get to me. I try so hard not to have road rage, to not let those bad mannered drivers get the best of me, but more and more people have decided that this is the RIGHT way to drive. They are entitled to my space, even though I am still IN IT!  Don't be surprised if you see a news story tomorrow about the woman who blocked the freeway off ramp not allowing anyone to pass while hysterically screaming at everyone from on top of her car.  That just might be me.


  1. I know exactly what you're talking about. Drives me batty! Here's hopin that I never see you on the news!

  2. Hah! This is about the only time I tailgate. I'm with you!

  3. I'm totally with you on this one. People are just plain rude. It's that simple.

  4. I'm with the others. I can't stand freakin rude people. In or out of cars. It drives me bonkers. Glad you posted. Been missing you.