Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Busier than a one armed paper hanger...and better looking too!

I am sure most of you have stopped checking my Blog as I haven't posted in so long.  I am still traveling the circuit with work, so in my off time I have been working on doing all of the nominal things like first day of school for my first grader.  My favorite part of this picture is the beautiful green band aid on her leg...

Then we have had cheer practice going on with our first game on the 25th.  We won by a small margin, but our team won.  Go LOBOS!!

This is my daughter (left) with her best friend getting ready for the game.  These two have been friends since they were babies. 

Beyond that, my step-daughter has gone home to her mother's now that summer is over and we are having a partial empty nest syndrome going on.  I really wish we could keep her full time!  Oh well....

Work is going well, but the travel schedule has been pretty hectic.  The FH has kept up his end very well pitching in to drive kids around, feed the dog and not mess up the house!!


  1. It warms my heart when you write that you wish you could keep your step-daughter full time.

  2. This have been hectic for us all.... keep writing and we'll keep reading.... even if it's days later. :)