Monday, December 12, 2011

Long Live The Queen...

I really think our new puppy knows who exactly is in charge in our home, besides her that is.  While she terrorizes The Midget (my daughter – I call her that because she is so tall for her age) and attempts to eat the toes off of The Husband, she is so sweet and calm with me I wonder if she is even the same dog.  Yes, I have received an ankle lick or two, but when I make that ‘eh-eh’ noise at her, she stops, almost immediately and then heads off to make war with the others.

Chloe wants a cracker
She will sit on the Husband’s shoulder like a parrot and lick his head like he is a giant ice cream cone.  I am sure it has to do with him having a shaved head, but for some reason she thinks he needs a bath.  Left unstopped, she will continue until she falls asleep.  It is pretty funny.  Well to me it is.  If it were my head, I may have taught her how to fly by now. 
The Midget

The Midget forgets that she is twelve billion times taller than the puppy and will start screaming when the tiny, three pound puppy tries to jump on her.  This is HER puppy too.  If it weren’t so sad it would be downright funny.

The step-daughter, the Princess of Literal, has even decided that my decision making ability is a step higher than her father’s because she asks my permission to do anything, even when he sitting right there.  I think it is hilarious.

The good news is that the Husband does not seem put out or even slightly annoyed by any of this.  He is pretty good natured about having his toes attacked by Kujo and even volunteers to do his part in helping to raise our little angel.  I will have to say if this unchecked deference to my rule continues, we may have a Monarchy on our hands…  Long Live The Queen.


  1. The dog really does look like a parrot in that picture! Sounds like you have an amazing hubby!! Great post.

  2. Long live the queen indeed! That's so funny. My step son always looks at me or ask me about stuff with his dad sitting right there. Phil finally said something recently. It went along the lines of 'Why don't they ever ask me stuff?" My response? I'm the boss that's why.
    As for your pup, she's no dummy. never bite the hand that feeds you!

  3. I LOVE this post LOL!

    Oh and what a great husband you have :0)

  4. Barb, Melynda and Elisa - The Husband is a really great guy, they really compliment each other and there's a lot of love there. You'd all really like him.
    Queen Tracy - I love all the happiness and goodness that is in your life right now.

  5. How are you girl? Been thinking about you lately. Hope all is well. Merry Christmas to you and yours