Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I love Halloween!

For years I have been telling myself and everyone else that Christmas is my favorite holiday. This year, I have finally admitted that it is really Halloween. I now own almost as many decorations for the spooky spectacular as I do for the winter wonder.

What is it about Halloween that appeals to me? I guess it would have to be the mystery behind the mask. As a kid I remember going from door to door begging to be tricked or treated, wondering who was behind each costume I passed. It was a great sense of community and family to be out at night, greeted by neighbors who were excited to see our creativity as we knocked on the door.

As I got older, it became less safe to send the kids from door to door. Soon, nobody was out at all. It was a very sad day when I finally gave up on the adventure of trick or treating. Then I became old enough to frequent the Halloween parties. Those were so much fun with the fake fog, bloody eyeball ice cubes for the drinks and brain dip for the chips. It never ceases to amaze me how a simple grape can be turned into a corpse’s eyeball or a bowl of spaghetti into brain matter.

When I moved into my current neighborhood, the wonder of Halloween was again rejuvenated in my soul. You see, in our little community, people go from door to door with their children. Families sit outside at the sidewalk with their yards all decorated and large bowls of candy to be passed out to the spooks and specters. Who are those fairies behind the sparkly face paint? Who are the goblins and ghosts flitting all about? We even have a family that grills hot dogs for all to enjoy.

Yes, I love Halloween, even more than Christmas!


  1. I always think of you when I see Halloween decorations! :)

  2. Hi, Tracy, I just came over from Stephanie's blog to say "Hello" and to thank you for sharing your thoughts about Halloween.

    For myself the day is appealing because it lets us choose our own identity. Not one that we've grown into or had thrust upon us, but one we choose.

    Also, when children get to go from door to door they receive some "power" they haven't had and that is a growing experience for them--a Harry Potter experience.

    Thanks for inviting me to think my thoughts about this.


  3. Happy Birthday :0)

    I LOVE Halloween too; orange is my favorite color so it works out nicely LOL!

  4. Have to say, not a huge halloween fan. Don't know why. We decorate A LOT, but even my kids don't really feel like trick or treating this year. :(

    Course that could be because we trick or treat at night, when the temperature drips to 37 degrees and you can't see the costumes under the winter coats anyway.

  5. Happy belated birthday lady. I never really got to enjoy Halloween as a kid. France doesn't celebrate it. However my kids love it. I wish I had been able to go to one of those parties. Sounds like a blast!