Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gone and forgotten...

I picked up my daughter from after school care yesterday and her backpack felt a little light, but I wasn't really thinking about it until we got in the car and drove off. When we got home, I looked into the backpack so I could check her folder to see what "our" homework was for the night. The trouble begins when there is NOT a folder in her backpack.

Me: Honey, where's your folder from school?
Her: Um, I don't know...
Me: When did you have it last?
Her: Um, I don't remember...
Me: Did you have it when you left school today?
Her: Of course Mo-om (eyes rolling)
Me: Did you have it when you were on the bus today?
Her: Yes, I had it on the bus then I took it out of my back pack
Me: On the bus?
Her: Yes
Me: Did you leave your folder on the bus?
Her: No, of course not (more eye rolling)
Me: Stop rolling your eyes at me or I am going to smack you in the side of the head and see if I get the jackpot
Her: Well, I had the folder when I got off the bus so of course I didn't leave it on the bus

At this point I am starting to get frustrated. She clearly remembers when she had the folder last, yet we are going through the motions here. So my foot starts tapping.

Me: Dear, we are trying to trace your steps here to see if we can remember where your folder is. Do you remember where you left your folder yet?
Her: No
Me: Okay, let's keep going then...did you have your folder when you got to KC (after school care)?
Her: Yes, my teacher was helping me with my homework
Me: When she was done helping you, where did you put your folder?
Her: On the floor
Me: Do you remember seeing the folder again after that?
Her: No, I think I left it on the floor. Do you think they will throw it away?
Me: Probably not, hopefully they will put it in your cubby at school.
Her: They are going to throw it away, I won't have my folder anymore.

Now the crying starts...

I try my best to comfort her and tell her the folder is probably at school and we will find it in the morning. No, we can't go tonight because they are closed. Sorry Baby... Now instead of being mad at her I am trying to get her to stop crying. About 10 minutes later, I realized that she totally worked me.

We found the folder at day care this morning. In her cubby, ready to go. Crisis resolved...Whew!

Normally I would chalk this one up as over and done, but then it hits me...we aren't even finished with the second week of school yet. How am I going to survive 9 months of lost folders, forgotten homework and papers that should have been signed yesterday? I have heard the other parents lament over these things for years and secretly I wondered what the big whoop was. They should keep a closer eye on stuff. How did they let it get so out of control?

Now I realize...I am just like all of the other parents out there...


  1. We all are.. Wait till she starts hiding it in her friends backpack or locker or it "accidentally" got thrown away. Sigh. First year of real school is the easiest. Be thankful. hahaha. I have a 3rd grader a 9th and a senior. God help me. They have "lost" or thrown away an entire forest by now. Sorry I'm so late today. Had to take my sis to the hospital to stop her contractions. Too early. I'm going to have a heart attack before she delivers this kid.

  2. Peanut used to always forget her folder at school. At first I'd ask her if she had it right when I picked her up...if she didn't, I'd make her go back for it.
    Then I told her that if she forgot to bring her folder home, she wouldn't have dessert that night...and that daddy would have the same rule.
    Problem solved.